Oljeavskiljare PX



Oljeavskiljare för grundvattenapplikationer Modell PetroXtractor

Oljeavskiljare för grundvattenapplikationer och kräver ett borrat hål på endast 50 mm som kan vara 30 meter djupt. Plockar upp och separerar oljan utan pumpar eller filter.

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The Abanaki PetroXtractor is a dependable and cost effective means of removing oil, fuel, and other floating hydrocarbons from water where access to the fluid surface is limited. It acts efficiently as remediation equipment for groundwater contaminated by oil, using existing recovery and monitoring wells. Often, the PetroXtractor Well Oil Skimmer working alone will reduce oil or fuel content to an acceptable E.P.A. level. Models are available for two inch, four inch, and six inch or larger ID well casings, with removal rates up to 12 gph. (based on SEA 30 motor oil). Depths of 100 feet or more can be accommodated without the use of pumps.